Git's interactive patch mode

Prevent mistakes, improve code quality and increase productivity

In Development

Some of Git's index-related commands come with a useful patch mode that allow you to selectively modify your working tree and index. Improve the quality of your code and its history, and increase productivity!

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reStructuredText for Sculpin

Directives, directives, directives!

In PHP, Sculpin

While setting up my blog using Sculpin, I found Markdown to be a limited format. There is no way to create an image with a caption or a table of contents without resorting to writing HTML. So I went about and wrote a little Symfony2 bundle to integrate Grégoire Passault's reStructuredText parser into Sculpin. This post dives into reStructuredText, how to get reStructuredText for your Sculpin website and ends it all with a disclaimer.

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